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Nov 062011

If, like me, you love motor boats, and you also appreciate the beauty of womankind then you will recognise the joy of combining the two.

This site is dedicated to your pictures of beautiful boats and gorgeous women.

Please keep your comments flowing, and keep sending me pictures to add to the site.  Enjoy…

The ladies above come from a load of sources, mainly taken by me or by my friends in the last few years, before my philandering days were brought to an end by my lovely girlfriend.  My first ever boat trip was on 75′ sailing yacht that a group of friends and I hired for a week.

After pootling around the river Hamble in the South of England, we crossed out into the Solent, did a couple of circuits of the beautiful Isle of Wight, and then crossed the English Channel to Honfleur.  If you haven’t been lucky enough to visit Honfleur, in Northern France, I can’t recommend it more highly.

One of the highlights of our two days in Honfleur was cooking up a big bowl of fresh prawns in a camping stove on deck of our yacht.  We invited a group of 5 girls who had come to Honfleur on a University exchange trip.  All young, absolutely stunning, and lots of fun.  Three of the girls spent the night on the boat.  See below for some pictures.


Leave your comments and ratings below.  Do you want more photos like these?  What do you like to see?

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